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Return to the Future*

Sliding Block Puzzles

by Serhiy Grabarchuk

The three sport balls are depicted on the surface of six square tiles as shown in the Start position; two balls are complete, and the third one consists of two halves. Each tile can slide to an adjacent free space. To move a tile simply click it.

The goal is to rearrange the tiles so that the third ball becomes complete. Of course, one of the two balls being on the Start complete will split into two halves; you can even choose which one it will be. Two Goal positions to choose from are shown at right.

The Return to the Future puzzle uses a reduced version of a 3x4 grid which was used in other sliding block puzzles by Serhiy Grabarchuk --
The Correct Order Puzzle, The Correct Order Puzzle - R or The Super Fan Puzzle; and by Peter Grabarchuk -- Halloween Slides, The Christmas Slide Puzzle or Slide Fir.

Also, a similar "shuttle" piece was used in another puzzle by Serhiy Grabarchuk --
Card Suits Suite - 2.

Use of this "shuttle" piece which can move just by only one cell back and forth makes all above mentioned puzzles especially tricky.
*) First this puzzle was published in the Neo Sliding Block Puzzles book, Part 2, by Serhiy Grabarchuk in 1999. Copyright 1999, 2007 Serhiy Grabarchuk. All Rights Reserved.
Last Updated: October 14, 2008
Posted: August 26, 2007
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