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The Correct Order Puzzle*

Sliding Block Puzzles

by Serhiy Grabarchuk

Featured at Puzzles.COM
This puzzle is featured at Puzzles.COM.
The Correct Order Puzzle - R by Serhiy Grabarchuk
The Correct Order Puzzle - R by Serhiy Grabarchuk.
It is a basic puzzle for this type of sliding block puzzles in a 3x4 tray with nine square blocks which make a 3x3 pattern, and a 1x2 "shuttle" block. Nine consecutive numbers, 9 to 1, are depicted on the square blocks as shown in the above big tray. Every piece can slide to an adjacent free space. To move pieces simply click them.

The goal is to restore the correct order of the numbers on the square blocks as shown in the right small diagram above. How many moves will you need to solve the puzzle?

After you solve this puzzle, try its hard version -- the
Correct Order Puzzle - R

Also, try more of similar puzzles on a 3x4 grid with a 1x2 "shuttle" block; they are shown below. Also, a similar "shuttle" piece was used in
Card Suits Suite - 2 by Serhiy Grabarchuk. Using of this "shuttle" piece which can move just by only one cell back and forth makes these puzzles especially tricky.
Slide Fir by Peter Grabarchuk
The Slide Fir Puzzle by Peter Grabarchuk.
Slide Fir**
by Peter Grabarchuk
In this puzzle its 3x4 tray is covered with a transparent cover which has an opening in the shape of a Fir-tree. In the Start position all blue stars decorate the Fir-tree, while all orange bulbs are scattered around it. Your challenge is to swap stars and bulbs...
The Christmas Slide by Peter Grabarchuk
The Christmas Slide Puzzle by Peter Grabarchuk.
The Christmas Slide***
by Peter Grabarchuk
The green Christmas-tree is depicted on the surface of nine square pieces. Also there are four fragments of another, blue Christmas-tree. Your holiday challenge is to assemble the whole, blue Christmas-tree which will look exactly like the green one.
The Super Fan Puzzle by Serhiy Grabarchuk
The Super Fan Puzzle by Serhiy Grabarchuk.
The Super Fan Puzzle*
by Serhiy Grabarchuk
One more variation in a 3x4 tray with a "shuttle" block. Besides the "shuttle" block the puzzle has nine blocks: eight identically shaped blocks with one corner cut in two colors, and one central 1x1 block. The object is to reverse the whole fan. This puzzle has two different challenges -- easy and hard.
*) These puzzles were published in the Neo Sliding Block Puzzles book, Part 2, by Serhiy Grabarchuk in 1999. Puzzle concept: Copyright 1999, 2006 Serhiy Grabarchuk. All Rights Reserved.
**) Puzzle concept: Copyright 2006 Peter Grabarchuk. All Rights Reserved.
***) Puzzle concept: Copyright 2005 Peter Grabarchuk. All Rights Reserved.
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