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Double Play*

Sliding Block Puzzles

by Larry D. Nichols

Double Play Home Pattern
The Home pattern.
Double Play resembles the 15 Puzzle, with square tiles numbered 1 through 12 contained in a 4 x 4 frame along with four empty cells. It has just one new rule: The tiles can only slide in pairs, with one tile pushing another.

The object is to move the tiles from any given or random position (pattern) back to the Home pattern, which is a cross-like square shape with empty corners, with the numbers arranged in ascending order from top to bottom and left to right as shown in the diagram on the left.

Move pieces clicking them.

Choose a challenge from the Patterns menu.

You can shuffle (randomize) any chosen or current position at any time, and then solve the puzzle from that position. Use the Puzzle menu to start/finish Shuffling (or tap keys S and F, respectively). To start the puzzle over again, choose the Restart option in the Puzzle menu (or tap key R).

To undo/redo your moves, use the respective option in the Moves menu (or tap keys B and N, respectively). In the Moves menu you can make the Move Counter on or off.

Bear in mind that all of the Double Play challenges are quite difficult. Happy Puzzling!
*) Copyright 2009 Larry D. Nichols and The Grabarchuk Family. All Rights Reserved.
Last Updated: July 5, 2009
Posted: July 5, 2009
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