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Fish Crackers*

Put-Together Puzzles

by Serhiy and Peter Grabarchuk

Fish Crackers by Serhiy and Peter Grabarchuk

The Fish Crackers Puzzle by Serhiy and Peter Grabarchuk.
This assembling puzzle consists of nine funny rhomb-like, two-sided tiles with different combinations of "ears" and "caves." 48 challenges are divided into 5 difficulty levels, and presented in the pages of the supplied booklet. The goal of each challenge is to assemble with all the nine tiles the given shape placing tiles exactly within its outline. You can place tiles over the given shape on the page as you need, and you can flip the tiles over. But you are not allowed to overlap them.

More details about the puzzle:
-- published: by GAKKEN Co. Ltd., 2008 in the Embrain Series;
-- manufactured: by CHRONOS Co., Ltd.;
-- translator: Hirokazu Iwasawa;
-- ISBN: 978-4-05-750271-7.

The Fish Crackers puzzle is available in Japan, and may be bought at
TORITO Puzzle Shop (here) or Amazon.co.jp (here) websites.
Play Fish Crackers Flash

The Fish Crackers Puzzle.
Play its interactive Flash version.
Also, you can give it a try playing a wonderful interactive Flash version of the Fish Crackers at Kids.Gakken (here or use the direct link). It proposes several challenges  in different difficulty levels. Note that you can move tiles simply dragging them. To rotate a tile you should move the mouse over it, and then click one of two arrows next to the tile pointing clockwise or counterclockwise. To flip a tile over just double click it.
Fish Crackers Set

The Fish Crackers puzzle consists of the box, the tray with the nine tiles, and the booklet with 48 challenges.
Fish Crackers Playable Pages

Assemble each given shape placing all the nine tiles exactly within its outline.
*) The puzzle and book concept by Serhiy and Peter Grabarchuk. The name and appearance of the Fish Crackers puzzle is based on the original puzzle name and design by the authors. All proposed challenges are created by puzzle group consisting of Serhiy and Tanya Grabarchuk, and Peter Grabarchuk and Helen Homa.
Last Updated: March 18, 2009
Posted: March 18, 2009
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