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Terry Stickels


by Serhiy Grabarchuk

Terry Stickels

Terry Stickels
Terry Stickels is an extraordinaire puzzle author and speaker. Many of you will know him through numerous newspaper puzzle columns, television or radio shows, books, calendars, and even card decks.

Terry Stickels was born (May 14, 1948) and raised in Omaha, Nebraska. He created his first puzzle at age 11, and since then he dedicated his life to creative and fun problems which improve and raise one's logical thinking, mental flexibility, and solving skills. Currently Terry Stickels lives and puzzles in Fort Worth, Texas.
Mindstretching Puzzles by Terry Stickels
Mindstretching Puzzles by Terry Stickels.
Terry's first book Mindstretching Puzzles published by Sterling Publishing Co., Inc. in 1994 became an immediate hit. Since then dozens of very popular puzzle books by Terry Stickels were published, and the latest of them are The Big Book of Mind-Bending Puzzles and The Big Book of Stickelers.

Terry Stickels' most famous puzzle columns, Frame Games and Stickelers, are widely syndicated in the largest newspapers of the US and Canada, and are read by over hundred million people in hundreds of newspapers weekly. He created the most famous IQ quiz in the Internet history. Terry Stickels is a life-long member of MENSA, and some other prestigious High IQ societies.
Terry Stickels Logo

Terry Stickels' Logo created by Scott Kim also is a puzzle.
Terry's personal logo shown at left is created for him by a renowned puzzlemaster Scott Kim, and is a nice visual object and a clever puzzle at the same time. Can you see Terry Stickels' initials (T & S) in it? Also, how many perfect squares of all sizes can you count in the logo?

Terry Stickels is a public speaker who easy engages the audience into interactive fun and helps them in revealing the power of their minds. He understand puzzles as a great aids to help students in better understanding math and physics, and therefore many of his puzzles have mathematical, practical, and logical nature. Also, that is why his books are praised as important aids in learning critical and creative thinking.
05-31 Frame Game by Terry Stickels

One of Terry Stickels' famous Frame Games.
Copyright Terry Stickels.


Everybody, who has ever solved Terry Stickels' extremely popular Frame Games or Stikelers, will always remember their perfect taste and fun, and definitely will want see more and more of them. At left one great example of Terry Stickels' Frame Games is shown; this is one of my favorites. Can you reveal the message it hides? At his personal website you can find and solve dozens of these wonderful mind exercises, and learn more about Terry Stickels, his clever and fun books, and admirable achievements.
To be continued.
Last Updated: October 14, 2008
Posted: February 17, 2007
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