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14WPC: The Hungarian Puzzle Rhapsody


by Serhiy Grabarchuk

The 14th World Puzzle Championship
This year the 14th World Puzzle Championship (14WPC) was held in Hungary in the town of Eger -- an old historical town situated in northern Hungary, from Saturday to Thursday, October 8-13, 2005. Participants from 27 countries took part in the contests of 14WPC.
Seven nice days of October the wonderful Hotel Eger & Park located just near the city center, close to the castle of Eger has been the pleasant venue to gather puzzle teams from all over the World.
Our Delegation at 14WPC in Eger.
Our Delegation at 14WPC in Eger.
14WPC in Hotel Eger & Park, October 2005

Hotel Eger & Park -- the venue of the 14th World Puzzle Championship, October 8-13, 2005, Eger, Hungary.

A big cultural program was organized as a traditional and very natural part of 14WPC: song and dance show, excursions, horse show, ride on an old, open-air train through the forest up to the hill, fish-roasting, walks, and... shopping, of course.
Eating Fish is a Puzzle Art! :)
Eating a freshly roasted fish is a nice puzzle.
Participants of 14WPC riding through the forest up to the hill.

An old open train rides the 14WPC participants up to the hill.
(Photo © 2005, by Peter Grabarchuk.)

Besides the main contests of 14WPC three more nice events were held: a Crossword Puzzle Champinship, a Scrabble Championship, and a Pop-Rock-Quiz Championship. After the 14WPC the 6th 24 Hours Puzzle Championship (6-24H-PC) was held as well, October 14-15, 2005. More details you can see at the official website of the 14th World Puzzle Championship.
The 6th 24-Hour Puzzle Championship will start in a while.
The 6th 24-Hour Puzzle Championship was held in the Green Room, and lasted exactly 24 hours!
One of the contests of 14WPC.

All 14WPC contests were hold in the main Congress Hall of the Hotel Eger & Park.

Also the annual Congress of the World Puzzle Federation was held simultaneously with competitions of 14WPC in Eger.
WPF Logo
A session of the annual Congress of the WPF.

Sessions of the annual Congress of the WPF have taken place in the Green Room of the Hotel Eger & Park.

The town of Eger with plenty of wonderful historical buildings and nice places to visit and see added to the gathering of the smartest people of the World numerous unforgettable moments which all participants will bring with them back home.
The Cathedral of Eger
The Cathedral of Eger at night.
The Gothic Palace in Eger Castle.

The Gothic Palace in Eger Castle is an architectural masterpiece.
(Photo © 2005, by Peter Grabarchuk.)

The organizers of 14WPC were the Hungarian Puzzlers’ Association and its President, György István. Our thanks go to you and your Organizing Team, György! You did a fantastic job!!
ROE Logo
The Hungarian Puzzlers' Association.

The Organizers made up the "Yellow Team" which was tireless and hospitable.
(Photo © 2005, by Serhiy Grabarchuk, Jr.)
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Posted: October 22, 2005
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