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The Christmas-tree Mosaic*


by Serhiy Grabarchuk

Within the big decorated Christmas-tree, three smaller Christmas-trees are hidden. Their outlines are exactly similar to the outline of the big one. The three smaller Christmas-trees neither overlap nor touch each other, but they may be rotated. Can you spot these three Christmas-trees?

The puzzle is interactive. You may highlight any cell of the big Christmas-tree clicking it. With the second click, it turns off. In such a way you can highlight all cells forming each smaller Christmas-tree. When all the three smaller Christmas-trees are highlighted, you will see the Congratulations message.

To start the puzzle over again, click the Restart button. Clicking the Hint button reveals at random a cell in a smaller Christmas-tree.

Also, to solve the puzzle you may want to print it. For this click here to go to a new window with it; then you can print it out. Note that you can print the puzzle for your own use only, and not for any kind of commercial profit.

Merry Christmas, a Peaceful New Year, and Happy Puzzling!
*) This is my Holiday Puzzle Greetings for 2010. Copyright 2009 Serhiy Grabarchuk. The puzzle is inspired by a puzzle developed by Peter Grabarchuk. The interactive Flash version of the Christmas-tree Mosaic puzzle by Peter Grabarchuk.
Last Updated: December 23, 2009
Posted: December 23, 2009
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